My heart is a garden

(This is the content of the first parchment manuscript by the Essenes before Christ, found in the crevice of a rock near the Dead Sea)

My heart is a garden called Eden. My garden is fertile and creative. The seeds in my garden fall, need little funding, in order to flourish. As the Urgarten Eden can be a blessing or a curse. A ungepflegter garden is a jungle, and no garden show brings more growth than the garden of my heart and my mode.

If weeds and thistles are planted, they must be to maintain growth

They are the flowers of my heart, the joy of life, stifle and ruin.

The champion said: “As the man in his innermost heart thinks he is.” What I planted in my garden, is what I am, or rather, is what I believe to be, and everything I have ever experienced in my life will be, what I in the garden of my heart plant.

If I seed of the pain and resetting sow, so I plant in my garden the conviction to be unloved, plant thorns of pain and deprivation, self-pity is the experience of my life.

I am a gardener. My heart is my garden. They call it the subconscious or the Unterbewusste. Whether heart or mind my garden is the place where I words, thoughts and ideas planted convictions. These seeds are long and have been maintained as a fruit the way creates, as I see the world and learn.

I am a gardener and a thinker. My ideas come from my garden, and my words and thoughts turn to sow flowers or weeds.

Like everyone I speak to myself my thoughts World every waking moment, and my mind is full of words, thoughts and opinions. The words and thoughts, opinions and beliefs are my garden products, and they in turn are seeds and fertilizer for my garden, so that the plants that would grow, be they good or bad, every day stronger, deeper roots, and always convincing act.

My sense is full of beliefs, habits and descriptions. If I face in an expression of a view, I tend to say: “This means …” and if my interpretation advantageous for me seems to be, I respond with a flash of satisfaction and congratulate me. Say my interpretation, but the facial expression was unfriendly, and implied rejection and disapproval, so I put in me a feeling of pain up and tadle the person whose facial expression I interpreted.

I was not aware until now that the pattern for my interpretation in my own garden grown. I was not aware that confidence and self-esteem, the knowledge that I loved and I miss going, flowers from my own garden.

From today I start a new life. I plant a new garden and harvest new ideas and convictions.

I am responsible for the thoughts that I have. I am confident that I speak for myself, as I always have done.

I am the master gardeners of my life. I can now assume responsibility for what I say to myself. I am responsible for my beliefs. How I feel every day, the result of what I say to myself, and what I have always said to me.

If I find it very difficult, wonderful and loving judgments about myself to say to me, it’s the fact that these are isolated small flower of self-worth, which I plant today by the thousands, indeed millions weeds, which I planted and fed had nearly suffocated.

Today I plant a new garden. It is a garden of joy and new life. The products are my garden health, prosperity and goodness. My new garden will feed me with diverse, meaningful friendships. Happiness and satisfaction in my heart mature garden.

Autore: ondarmonica


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