Full Moon at 27°28’ ♊️ Gemini – December 19th, 2021 – 05:35 am GMT

 A full moon occurs when the transiting Sun and Moon are in the exact opposite signs and degrees in the Zodiac. Full moons are related to culminations, and their energy is emotional and strong.

You can find yourself at a maturation point of a six-month cycle that began on June 10, 2021, with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, and you are also reaching a culmination in the shorter cycle that began 14 days ago, with the Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. The Full Moon closes the Eclipse portal and the year; during this time, the intentions you set on these two New Moon Solar Eclipses can manifest and blossom. You have a chance to reap the rewards of your work and gain clarity around something that was still confused or not defined.

On this Full Moon you are navigating the deep wisdom of life.

The Gemini, intellectual full moon merges the mind with emotions. The Sun in Sagittarius will be looking for the truth. You can get things off of your chest, say what needs to be said, and communicate more authentically. You may be engaging in too many ac­tivities, inundated with too many ideas and informations that cannot be synthetised or supported by spiritual vision.

You may find with this full moon that more illumination arises. Whatever was stirred for us at the Eclipse may now step into full view, allowing us to see things clearly. Use this beautiful Full Moon energy to stretch the dimensions of your mind and to see things from a broader and brighter perspective.

Venus retrograde may stir matters relating to the heart and the relationships in your life. These relationships are not just with others but also your relationship with yourself, with self-worth, money and the things that you value. Venus conjunct Pluto dramatically increases your need for love and affection. You want to experience companionship at a deeper, more intense level. 

Along with the energy of Venus and Pluto, you also have Saturn and Uranus getting ready to form their third and final square for the year.

While Saturn and Uranus have been doing this dance all year long, under this Full Moon you may be feeling the cumulative effects of this energy.

This may manifest as feeling a push-pull between freedom and boundaries, but also a restlessness when it comes to how to approach something.

This Gemini Full Moon may unlock a new and higher state of consciousness.

And always remember that you are the entire Universe expressing itself a material form, in yourself here on earth;  feel this huge space inside yourself where there’s only stillness and peace, you can go there every time you feel stressed, anxious or confuse, go there and rest.

Happy full moon to you all beautiful souls, I’ll see you in next video. 

I am currently preparing a free meditation to be in the center of your being, to feel the peace and the infinite space you have when you reach that point inside of yourself. I hope you might find it personally helpful, I’ll be sending this on in a little while, but essentially if you feel, or know, that you need a point of stillness in your life please don’t miss it! 

To have the free meditation You can use this form which send to my email: (English-speaking visitors:) 

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Sending love and abundant energy for joy and health… 


Buona Luna Piena! Happy Full Moon!

color outside of the lines
“Accendo i miei colori uno per uno per contribuire all’arcobaleno universale.”
Un tocco di follia e tanta creatività, ognuno con il proprio contributo unico per creare insieme un futuro luminoso.
“I light my colors one by one in order to contribute to the universal rainbow.”
A touch of madness and lots of creativity, each personwith its own unique contribution to jointly create a bright future.

Luna Piena 18°02 Acquario 10 agosto 18:09 GMT

luna piena agostoQuesta è la luna che voglio far risplendere in me e spero, cuore a cuore, risplenderà in voi tutti. “Sii sempre te stesso, esprimi e abbi fede in te stesso, ama te stesso per poter accogliere l’espressione degli altri, amarli ed averne fiducia. Così facendo creerai il tuo mondo e sarai partecipe della creazione di un futuro migliore”.


This is the moon that I want to let shine within me and I hope, heart to heart, will shine within you all. “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself and love yourself in order to accommodate the expression of others, to love and trust them. Doing so you will create your shining reality and a bright future and you will be a participant in the creation of a better world.”

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