My heart is a garden

(This is the content of the first parchment manuscript by the Essenes before Christ, found in the crevice of a rock near the Dead Sea)

My heart is a garden called Eden. My garden is fertile and creative. The seeds in my garden fall, need little funding, in order to flourish. As the Urgarten Eden can be a blessing or a curse. A ungepflegter garden is a jungle, and no garden show brings more growth than the garden of my heart and my mode.

If weeds and thistles are planted, they must be to maintain growth

They are the flowers of my heart, the joy of life, stifle and ruin.

The champion said: “As the man in his innermost heart thinks he is.” What I planted in my garden, is what I am, or rather, is what I believe to be, and everything I have ever experienced in my life will be, what I in the garden of my heart plant.

If I seed of the pain and resetting sow, so I plant in my garden the conviction to be unloved, plant thorns of pain and deprivation, self-pity is the experience of my life.

I am a gardener. My heart is my garden. They call it the subconscious or the Unterbewusste. Whether heart or mind my garden is the place where I words, thoughts and ideas planted convictions. These seeds are long and have been maintained as a fruit the way creates, as I see the world and learn.

I am a gardener and a thinker. My ideas come from my garden, and my words and thoughts turn to sow flowers or weeds.

Like everyone I speak to myself my thoughts World every waking moment, and my mind is full of words, thoughts and opinions. The words and thoughts, opinions and beliefs are my garden products, and they in turn are seeds and fertilizer for my garden, so that the plants that would grow, be they good or bad, every day stronger, deeper roots, and always convincing act. Continua a leggere “My heart is a garden”

The man who loves me

This is a very special poetry to me, maybe the best Gioconda Belli’s one, I kept it hidden like a talisman, now it’s time to share. It’s very special, unique, I hope it will be the same for you, From heart to heart


The man who loves me should know how to part curtains
of flesh
Fathom my eye’s depths
And know that in me nestles
A tender, transparent swallow.


The man who loves me
Will not covet me like a commodity
Nor exhibit me like a sportsman’s trophy
He will stand by me
Loving me just as I love and stand by him.


The man who loves me
Will be strong as the ceibo trees
Solid and sheltering as they are,
Clear as a December morning.


The man who loves me
Will not distrust my smile
Nor fear my hair’s profusion.
He will respect sorrow, silence.
And with caresses, he will play upon my stomach,
As on a guitar, making pleasure issue from
my body’s recesses.


The man who loves me
Will discover I can be
A hammock on which to rest his burdens and cares.
A friend with whom to share intimate secrets.
A lake on which to float,
Without fear that the anchor of his commitment
Will prevent flight
Should it occur to him to be a bird.


The man who loves me
Will make poetry of his life
Structuring each day
With his gaze set on the future


But above all else
The man who loves me must love people
Not as some abstract category
Mentioned carelessly
But as something real, concrete
To whom one show devotion through actions
Giving up one’s life if required.


The man who loves me
Will recognize my face in the midst of a battle
And with knee bent to the earth,
he will love me
As the two of us fire together at the enemy.


My man in love
Will not fear giving himself
Nor fear finding himself magically smitten.
In a plaza filled with great crowds,
He will be able to shout “I Love You”
Or make extravagant announcements on top of buildings
Proclaiming his right to feel
The most beautiful and human emotion.


My man in love
Will not flee kitchens
Nor the diapers of our child
His love will be like a refreshing breeze
Carrying away among mists of dream and the past
Weakness that, for centuries kept us divided,
As beings of different worth.


My man in love
Will not want to stereotype and standardize me
He will give me air, space
Nourishment to grow and improve
Like a revolution
Which makes each new day
The beginning of a new victory.

Il divino romanzo d’amore

foto Costanza Magnocavallo


Il più grande romanzo d’amore è quello con l’infinito.

Non hai idea di quanto possa essere meravigliosa la vita.

Quando improvvisamente scopri Dio dappertutto, quando viene a te, ti parla e ti guida, il divino romanzo d’amore è cominciato.

Paramhansa Yogananda



The greatest love story is the one with the infinite.

You have no idea how wonderful life can be.

When you suddenly discover God everywhere, when he comes to you and guides you, the divine love story began.

Paramhansa Yogananda














Dal terreno dell’amicizia (metta) 
Cresce la splendida fioritura della compassione (karuna) 
Innaffiata con lacrime di gioia (mudita) 
Sotto l’ombra fresca dell’albero dell’equanimità (upekkha)

– Longchen Rabjampa, monaco Buddista, 14° secolo



Out of the soil of friendliness (metta)
Grows the beautiful bloom of compassion (karuna)
Watered with tears of joy (mudita)
Under the cool shade of the tree of equanimity (upekkha)

– Longchen Rabjampa, 14th century Buddhist monk

Luna Nuova, Eclissi anulare di Sole, 8° in Toro, 29 aprile 2014, 6.15 GMT

new moon eclipseLo sforzo di cambiare durante il tempo della Croce Cardinale ora inizia il processo di portare i primi frutti , questo è un momento in cui possiamo cominciare a scartare alcuni doni, anche se non sempre otteniamo esattamente quello che vogliamo.

Nel segno di terra del Toro, questa eclissi ci chiede impegno e capacità di resistenza, insieme ad una sana dose di buon senso! Un’eclisse solare in Toro è un momento per nutrire le radici delle nostre creazioni, tirarle non sarà di aiuto, né lo sarà eccitarsi alla loro prima apparizione! Esse richiedono l’attenzione paziente e un trattamento delicato per costruirne la forza per tutta la vita che le aspetta.

Gli eventi nel tempo di questa eclissi ci rivelano quali germogli sono resistenti e quali non sono abbastanza forti per durare nel tempo. Può essere difficile rinunciare a quelli più deboli, soprattutto se sono di particolare importanza per noi, ma faremmo bene a prenderne atto e agire di conseguenza, a questo punto, se vogliamo evitare un intero carico di fatica sprecata nel mesi a venire. Questo è un momento di attento discernimento su cui investire la nostra attenzione e le nostre energie da questo punto in poi. Se le nostre creazioni sono indesiderabili, dobbiamo risolverle adesso.

Questa eclissi evidenzia anche il rischio di dedurre che abbiamo raggiunto una destinazione, che sia opportuno o meno. Dovunque ci troviamo, siamo ancora in cammino. Ce ne dimentichiamo facilmente e finiamo chiedendo molto di più che il miracolo di essere vivi, per ritenerci soddisfatti.

Così questo può sembrare un messaggio misto: nutrire le radici dei vostri sogni pur apprezzando il vantaggio di essere qui senza pretendere di più. Ma in realtà le due cose vanno di pari passo se vogliamo una vita serena e soddisfacente. Ma siamo ancora vivi, e finché possiamo riconoscere il miracolo di quel fatto, qualunque cosa accada sapremo noi stessi di essere già benedetti oltre misura.



The effort to change during the time of the Cardinal Cross will now begin the process of bearing fruit, this is certainly a time when we can begin to unwrap some gifts even if we don’t always get exactly what we want. In the earthy sign of Taurus, this eclipse asks of us commitment and staying power, together with a healthy dose of common-sense!

A Solar Eclipse in Taurus is a time to feed the roots of our own creations , pulling at them won’t help, neither will dancing all over them in the moment of excitement when they first appear! They require patient attention and gentle handling as they build up their strength for the lifetime ahead.

Events around the time of this eclipse may well reveal to us which shoots are in it for the long haul and which are not strong enough to make it. It can be hard to give up on the weakest ones, especially if they’re of particular importance to us, but we would do well to take note and act accordingly at this point if we want to avoid a whole load of wasted effort in the months to come.

This is a time of careful discernment about where we invest our attention and energy from this point on. And it hardly needs saying, but I’ll say it anyway: if our creations are undesirable, we need to clear them out right now. This eclipse also highlights the risk of assuming we have reached a destination, be it desirable or otherwise. Wherever we find ourselves, we are still on a journey, no matter how it may actually feel. We easily forget and end up demanding so much more than the miracle of being alive, to keep us satisfied.

So it may seem like a mixed message: nurture the roots of your dreams whilst appreciating simply being here without demanding more. But in fact the two go hand in hand if we want a peaceful and satisfying life. But we are still alive, and as long as we can recognise the miracle of that fact, whatever happens we will know ourselves to be already blessed beyond measure.


foto: Costanza Magnocavallo

Il Larimar ha in sè l’allegria e la leggerezza di Santo Domingo, l’unico paese in cui lo si trova, e l’energia fresca della spuma del mare. Porta una ventata di calma e di verità.

La prima volta che l’ho appoggiato sulla gola, il 5° chakra, ho rivissuto il mio incontro con i delfini e sono scoppiata in una risata gioiosa e liberatoria.

Il suo azzurro sincero ci riporta alla sensazione di libertà, di serenità e di pace che proviamo osservando il mare cristallino che si espande fino all’orizzonte.

Ogni volta che abbiamo bisogno di sollevarci dalla troppa serietà della vita e ricordarci come vivere con gioia e serenità di mente e cuore, il Larimar è un vero amico.

Larimar. Has in it the joy and lightness of Santo Domingo, the only country where it is located, and the energy of the sparkling sea.

It brings a breath of freshness and truth.

The first time that I placed on the throat, it works on the 5th chakra, I relived my encounter with dolphins and I burst into a joyful and euphoric laughter.

His sincere blue brings us back to the feeling of freedom serenity and peace that we feel looking at the crystal clear sea that spreads out to the horizon. Every time we need to lift us from the burdens and seriousness of life and to live with joy and peace of heart and mind, Larimar is a true friend.

Siate autentici!

ImmagineDi solito mi rifaccio ai testi del Dottor Bach su salute e malattia, nella loro semplicità sono meravigliosi e spiritualmente altissimi. Ho trovato questo testo e ho iniziato a leggerlo senza sapere chi lo avesse scritto, mi sembrava tanto uno dei testi del buon dottore e sono rimasta stupita quando alla fine ho visto che era di Alejandro Jodorowsky. Amo parecchio anche lui ma di solito è più, come dire…leoninamente ribelle, invece qui è semplice, conciso, lineare, va dritto al punto, e che punto. Quindi cari, siamo autentici!

“Dietro ogni malattia c’è il divieto di fare qualcosa che desideriamo oppure l’ordine di fare qualcosa che non desideriamo. Ogni cura esige la disobbedienza a questo divieto o a quest’ordine.

E per disobbedire è necessario abbandonare la paura infantile di non essere amati; vale a dire di essere abbandonati. Questa paura provoca una mancanza di coscienza: non ci si rende conto di quello che si è davvero, cercando di essere quello che gli altri si aspettano che noi siamo.

Se si persiste in questa attitudine, si trasforma la propria bellezza interiore in malattia. La salute si trova solo nell’autentico, non c’è bellezza senza autenticità, ma per arrivare a quello che siamo davvero dobbiamo eliminare quello che non siamo. Essere quello che si è: questa è la felicità più grande.”
Alejandro Jodorowsky


Usually I refer to Dr. Bach’s texts on health and disease, they are wonderful in their simplicity and spiritually high. I found this text and I started reading it, I felt so much one of the texts of the good doctor and I was amazed when I saw it was Alejandro Jodorowsky. I love him a lot too but he’s usually, you know… a rebel lion, instead here he is simple , concise, linear, he goes straight to the point, and what a point! So dear, let’s be authentic !

Behind every disease there is a prohibition of something that we want or an order to do something you do not want . Each treatment requires disobedience to ban this or that order.

And to disobey is necessary to abandon the childish fear of not being loved; to be abandoned. This fear causes a lack of consciousness: we do not realize what we really are, trying to be what others expect us to be.

If we persist in this attitude , we turns our inner beauty in disease. Health is found only in the authentic, there is no beauty without authenticity, but to get to what we really are, we have to eliminate what we are not. Be what you are, this is the greatest happiness.
Alejandro Jodorowsky


Don’t let them say I wasn’t born,
That something stopped my heart
I felt each tender squeeze you gave,
I’ve loved you from the start.

Although my body you can’t hold
It doesn’t mean I’m gone
This world was worthy, not of me
God chose that I move on.

I know the pain that drowns your soul,
What you are forced to face
You have my word, I’ll fill your arms,
Someday we will embrace.

You’ll hear that it was meant to be,
God doesn’t make mistakes
But that wont soften your worst blow,
Or make your heart not ache.

I’m watching over all you do,
Another child you’ll bear
Believe me when I say to you,
That I am always there.

There will come a time, I promise you,
When you will hold my hand,
Stroke my face and kiss my lips
And then you’ll understand.

Although I’ve never breathed your air,
Or gazed into your eyes
That doesn’t mean I never was,
An Angel never dies.

Author Unknown

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