My heart is a garden

(This is the content of the first parchment manuscript by the Essenes before Christ, found in the crevice of a rock near the Dead Sea)

My heart is a garden called Eden. My garden is fertile and creative. The seeds in my garden fall, need little funding, in order to flourish. As the Urgarten Eden can be a blessing or a curse. A ungepflegter garden is a jungle, and no garden show brings more growth than the garden of my heart and my mode.

If weeds and thistles are planted, they must be to maintain growth

They are the flowers of my heart, the joy of life, stifle and ruin.

The champion said: “As the man in his innermost heart thinks he is.” What I planted in my garden, is what I am, or rather, is what I believe to be, and everything I have ever experienced in my life will be, what I in the garden of my heart plant.

If I seed of the pain and resetting sow, so I plant in my garden the conviction to be unloved, plant thorns of pain and deprivation, self-pity is the experience of my life.

I am a gardener. My heart is my garden. They call it the subconscious or the Unterbewusste. Whether heart or mind my garden is the place where I words, thoughts and ideas planted convictions. These seeds are long and have been maintained as a fruit the way creates, as I see the world and learn.

I am a gardener and a thinker. My ideas come from my garden, and my words and thoughts turn to sow flowers or weeds.

Like everyone I speak to myself my thoughts World every waking moment, and my mind is full of words, thoughts and opinions. The words and thoughts, opinions and beliefs are my garden products, and they in turn are seeds and fertilizer for my garden, so that the plants that would grow, be they good or bad, every day stronger, deeper roots, and always convincing act. Continua a leggere “My heart is a garden”

A tutte le Dee – To all Goddesses

I Goddess
of earth, clay and stone
as I am timeless,
so am I young
I Goddess
of tears, rain and snow
as I flow from above,
so am I below
I Goddess
of sun, fire and light
as I shine from within,
so without
I Goddess
of wind, air and breath
as I am life,
so I am death
I Goddess
of truth, words and song
as I am soft,
so I am strong
I Goddess
of trust, peace and sight
as I am darkness,
so am I light
I Goddess
of the moon, stars and joy
as I am me,
so am I you

Anita Revel

Luna Nuova, Eclissi anulare di Sole, 8° in Toro, 29 aprile 2014, 6.15 GMT

new moon eclipseLo sforzo di cambiare durante il tempo della Croce Cardinale ora inizia il processo di portare i primi frutti , questo è un momento in cui possiamo cominciare a scartare alcuni doni, anche se non sempre otteniamo esattamente quello che vogliamo.

Nel segno di terra del Toro, questa eclissi ci chiede impegno e capacità di resistenza, insieme ad una sana dose di buon senso! Un’eclisse solare in Toro è un momento per nutrire le radici delle nostre creazioni, tirarle non sarà di aiuto, né lo sarà eccitarsi alla loro prima apparizione! Esse richiedono l’attenzione paziente e un trattamento delicato per costruirne la forza per tutta la vita che le aspetta.

Gli eventi nel tempo di questa eclissi ci rivelano quali germogli sono resistenti e quali non sono abbastanza forti per durare nel tempo. Può essere difficile rinunciare a quelli più deboli, soprattutto se sono di particolare importanza per noi, ma faremmo bene a prenderne atto e agire di conseguenza, a questo punto, se vogliamo evitare un intero carico di fatica sprecata nel mesi a venire. Questo è un momento di attento discernimento su cui investire la nostra attenzione e le nostre energie da questo punto in poi. Se le nostre creazioni sono indesiderabili, dobbiamo risolverle adesso.

Questa eclissi evidenzia anche il rischio di dedurre che abbiamo raggiunto una destinazione, che sia opportuno o meno. Dovunque ci troviamo, siamo ancora in cammino. Ce ne dimentichiamo facilmente e finiamo chiedendo molto di più che il miracolo di essere vivi, per ritenerci soddisfatti.

Così questo può sembrare un messaggio misto: nutrire le radici dei vostri sogni pur apprezzando il vantaggio di essere qui senza pretendere di più. Ma in realtà le due cose vanno di pari passo se vogliamo una vita serena e soddisfacente. Ma siamo ancora vivi, e finché possiamo riconoscere il miracolo di quel fatto, qualunque cosa accada sapremo noi stessi di essere già benedetti oltre misura.



The effort to change during the time of the Cardinal Cross will now begin the process of bearing fruit, this is certainly a time when we can begin to unwrap some gifts even if we don’t always get exactly what we want. In the earthy sign of Taurus, this eclipse asks of us commitment and staying power, together with a healthy dose of common-sense!

A Solar Eclipse in Taurus is a time to feed the roots of our own creations , pulling at them won’t help, neither will dancing all over them in the moment of excitement when they first appear! They require patient attention and gentle handling as they build up their strength for the lifetime ahead.

Events around the time of this eclipse may well reveal to us which shoots are in it for the long haul and which are not strong enough to make it. It can be hard to give up on the weakest ones, especially if they’re of particular importance to us, but we would do well to take note and act accordingly at this point if we want to avoid a whole load of wasted effort in the months to come.

This is a time of careful discernment about where we invest our attention and energy from this point on. And it hardly needs saying, but I’ll say it anyway: if our creations are undesirable, we need to clear them out right now. This eclipse also highlights the risk of assuming we have reached a destination, be it desirable or otherwise. Wherever we find ourselves, we are still on a journey, no matter how it may actually feel. We easily forget and end up demanding so much more than the miracle of being alive, to keep us satisfied.

So it may seem like a mixed message: nurture the roots of your dreams whilst appreciating simply being here without demanding more. But in fact the two go hand in hand if we want a peaceful and satisfying life. But we are still alive, and as long as we can recognise the miracle of that fact, whatever happens we will know ourselves to be already blessed beyond measure.

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